Flood Watch: Dangers, Damages and Risks

Flood Watch: Dangers, Damages and Risks

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, since 2012 the National Flood Insurance Program alone has had roughly 179,959 losses totaling around $9,901,841 in claims paid, due to flood damage. From 2005 to 2014, total flood insurance claims averaged more than $3.5 billion per year. Risk Management Solutions assessed risk in six U.S. coastal cities … Continue reading

When Lightning Strikes

A bolt of lightning is one of nature’s most dangerous events. Lightning can travel at around 140,000 miles per hour and reach temperatures of 50,000°F ˗˗˗ hot enough to turn sand into glass. In 2014, one major insurance carrier individually paid out nearly $149 million dollars for insurance claims as a result of damage from … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Electrical Fires

We use electricity as a part of our daily lives in our homes and at our places of business.  Yet we often take for granted how powerful electricity is.  Fortunately the number of electrical fires are decreasing overall, but they still account for one third of all residential fires.   The following facts outline a few points of what … Continue reading

Dangers of Heavy Snowfalls on Roofs

Since heavy snowfall began just two weeks ago over 80 roofs have collapsed in Massachusetts alone.  Further roof failures are being reported in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maine.  Residents and business owners are now scrambling to remove as much snow as possible before they fall victim to these devastating snow loads.   Picturesque snow-capped … Continue reading

The Most Important Home Repairs for Spring

After a harsh winter homeowners are ready to shake off the melting snow and dive into gardening, spring cleaning and begin enjoying the warmer weather.  But as the sun emerges you begin to notice the clogged gutters, dead plants and leaves in the flower garden, dirty siding, and cracked sidewalks. Among the myriad of home … Continue reading